September 4, 2018

Now I'm not here to tell anybody what or what not to do. Live your life honey! But let me tell you a few reasons why that "fuck buddy" shit is dead. 


Let me guess. Neither of you are looking for anything serious. You just want to release some sexual tension and have some "fun". Yeah, that's how it always starts. We promise ourselves that we won't catch feelings and claim to have everything under control.





Let's cut the bullshit! If you think for one minute you can "control" your feelings, you're lying to yourself. I have yet to meet someone who can. You can control your willingness to act on those feelings, but feelings are a natural human emotion. If you spend enough time with someone, you add them into your routine, and truly enjoy their presence. You're bound to catch some type of feelings.


Now if you are sleeping with someone you don't even like or enjoy, then that is a different story. Why are we having sex with people we don't even like anyways?


Sex plays mind games. It will have you thinking you have feelings for someone you barely even know. You only know what they want you to know but, you don't really know that man, sis! Ya'll have damn near nothing in common. He isn't even your ideal mate. Your goals, morals, and lifestyles don't even align. But, the sex was good, wasn't it? Now here you go thinking he's a real treat.




Being dick-notized is a real thing! Soul ties!


"A soul tie is a spiritual connection between two people created from sexual intimacy. If your hung up on someone you've had sex with but you don't necessarily see them as a life long partner either, that is an unhealthy soul tie."


It's not love, but lust.



Most of us have been down that road before. I don't think it dawns on us that we will forever be connected after a sexual encounter. We're so focused on getting our needs met now, that we aren't thinking about how things will affect us long term.


I never understood sexual soul ties until my mid twenties. It took me to develop a deeper sense of self-love and to fall madly in love with a potential life partner before realizing that your past will always haunt you.


It doesn't matter how comfortable you are with your past. Some girls like to think, "my number of men isn't too high, so I'm good".  Sweetie, your number doesn't matter at all. You can sleep with 3 men or 20 men, a soul tie is a soul tie. Once you've intimately experienced each other, you are connected to that person. You will always remember your encounter. 


When you lay down with that man, be prepared to give a tiny piece of yourself to him for keeps. 





Sabrina Adams is a blogger and founder of Fierce and Flawed. Fierce and Flawed was inspired by finding the beauty in every imperfection. The blog was created not only to share Sabrina's personal style, but to share her journey as a human being. Dressing well and looking good is great, but an outfit cannot hide insecurities, self doubt, or many of the struggles we deal with in our lifetime. Fierce and Flawed exists to nurture not only outer beauty, but inner beauty as well. 


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