June 26, 2018

This blog contains explicit content. In other words, "It gets sticky, honey."


Never in a lifetime would I have thought about fucking the guys that are in my DMs nowadays. It’s funny how you go to school with people, grow with them but never connect until years later after the “glow up”.


It was a wet and cold winter night. I had just got home from work and was about to do my normal routine: eat, shower, followed by sitting in bed until I fell asleep. I checked my social media, as I usually would. I heard a “bing” alerting me that I had a new notification. It was a message from someone I used to hoop with and had class with in high school. Usually, I’m not in the mood to play catch up or act like I’m interested in what the next person has been doing for the past 5 years but there was something different about him. Somehow, our conversation of “Hey, how have you been?” turned into “Hey, I want you to sit on my face and ride my tongue”. I was shook. He was tall, chocolate, and had the most perfect complexion and flawless skin. We eventually exchanged numbers, laughs, and nudes. Interestingly enough, he had three simple questions for me; What's my favorite position? Do I give head? Is there anything in particular I want him to do to please me? He hyped me up so much I went to see him the next night.


His sex game amazed me.



As I pulled up to his house, he stood at the door with his shirt off, greeted me and led my hand to follow him. We entered his bedroom and he starts undressing me immediately; placing his masculine hands over every inch of my body. He touched and kissed me until his fingers found their way inside of me. As he twirled, pushed and wiggled inside of me, he began kissing me until his face ended up between my thighs. He then proceeded to taste me. I could feel his tongue going over every inch of my vagina. He was eating me so well, I had to tell him I was about to bust. He didn’t care. He swallowed all of me and then some. Eventually,  I let him eat me out until he satisfied his taste buds. After that, he stood up and removed his shorts. When I saw how big he was in person, I couldn’t believe it! He was so big that I wasn’t even sure if he was going to be able to fit all of it inside of me! He said “Don’t be scared, I got you” and let me tell you, that shit turned me on. He got back in the bed and puts my legs over his shoulders (remembering that I told him this was one of my favorite positions to be in). He slowly pushes himself inside, making sure that I felt every inch of him. I moan and breathe heavy as he pushes deeper. He was so big, I felt him knock down what seemed like a second cherry along with a pop. I don’t know what he hit or got into but this gave me a whole new feeling of being fucked and it felt great. I could feel him in my stomach as he stroked my body. All of a sudden, I feel a puddle beneath me. This was the first time I squirted and learned that I could do so. His sex game amazed me.


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