June 22, 2018

This blog contains explicit content. In other words, "It gets sticky, honey."


It all started out as fun and games. I was dancing and laughing, enjoying myself with my girls when suddenly everything in the room seemed to go in slow motion and fade. I knew I was high but damn, when my eyes ran over his body, I didn’t care about what was going on anymore. My sole focus was now on him. I wanted him. He was tall and brown skinned. His masculinity was popping out his shirt. I had to have him. So, I made my way to his side of the room. He greeted me and I introduced myself. I told him I wasn’t here to tell him how fine he was or interested in his life stories. “I want your sex,” is what I whispered in his ear; close enough for him to feel my tongue.


We exchanged numbers and I met him at his place right after the party.


One kiss led to another and the next thing I know, he was saying: “relax baby”, as he played with my clit with his tongue. My shit was so tingly and sensitive, I was squirming around like a fish out of water! But oh my, did his tongue feel good! The way he ate me had me thinking he was Que, just dogging my “lips" with his mouth, hungry for his next meal. His head game drove me crazy and to top it off, I was high. He knew where my spots were and just how to make me go crazy. I didn’t have to tell him anything, I was mesmerized. As I closed my eyes and moved my head back and forth across his bed, he went faster. At this point I wrapped my legs around his back straddled his face and rode it like the midnight train to Georgia.


I was coming and he knew it.


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