June 10, 2018

This blog contains explicit content. In other words, "It gets sticky, honey."


He told me to come over after work followed by “I can’t wait to see you”. I watched the clock like a hawk, waiting for 2 o’clock to arrive. As soon as the minute hand struck twelve, I rushed out the office and told him I was on my way.

Twenty minutes later I was knocking on his door.  

He greeted me with a hug and a kiss slightly biting my bottom lip; it turned me on. As we made our way upstairs to his bedroom, I pulled out the loud pack and backwoods. I take my clothes off and lay across his bed; he’s playing 2k while I’m rolling up. I light the first blunt and stand behind him caressing his shoulders, passing it to him. We get high and suddenly, it’s like our bodies were calling out to each other; yearning to be touched and rubbed on. He pulls out his manhood and I figured I’d reward him for the work he put in the last time. As I’m sucking, he gets more aroused and takes my hair out my ponytail, running his fingers through my curls. As soon as he was about to finish, I slide on top, straddling him like a wild horse moving my hips back and forth as he moans. The faces he’s making are priceless and turn me on even more. I lean down towards him, he grabs my ass and starts hitting my G-spot. I’m calling him “Zaddy” and told him to “Fuck me right there, don’t stop!” He’s pounding at all the right spots to the point where it feels like a waterfall; Our lower halves suddenly become layered and moist. He flips me over and hits me from the back. At this point I feel like we’re playing on a slip and slide I’m so wet.


I was so wet that he could no longer control himself as he released inside of me.


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